At the heart of every modern home or room lies simplicity. It’s the basic principle behind the design style – you should let your furniture, wall art, and décor speak for themselves. You don’t need to overwhelm a space with things if you have beautifully crafted furnishings. That’s it. Simplicity is the secret to nailing the perfect modern space. It’s quite simple isn’t it?

Modern Sofa

Don’t confuse simple with boring. Modern spaces are anything but plain. Clean lines, geometric prints, pops of bold colors – there is much that goes into modern furniture and décor. It’s all in how you style these items that makes a space truly contemporary or not. For those who are new to renovation or this particular design style, it can be intimidating when you first decide to overhaul a room in your house.

Modern Living Room

While you should keep simplicity in mind, you will also need a few other design elements, tips, and tricks if you want to create a luxuriously modern space. With the right tweaks, you can turn your current home, no matter what style or state it may be in at the moment, into a contemporary dream. Below, we have all the design tips you need!


Even though the first “modern” furniture wasn’t made in today’s era of technology, most living spaces will have technology in them – there’s just no way around it. Don’t let cumbersome TVs, tangles of cords, and boxy speakers become eyesores for your otherwise modern space.

Modern Entertainment Center

Keep everything streamlined. This means flat, sleek TVs. Hide the cords or look for cordless options! If you have extras, such as speakers, go with versions that don’t take up much space or look like traditional speakers. You don’t want your technology to break up the room’s focal point. Try to keep everything blended in.

Open Spaces

Modern décor works best in open spaces. So, if you have it, take advantage of your open floor plan. When rooms just flow together, it’s relatively easy to add modern furniture, hand mirrors, and sleek lighting to the space. Remember to keep a light color scheme throughout the rooms so it looks as if it flows together.

Modern Living Room Set

Unfortunately, not all houses have open floor plans. But, if you have closed rooms, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate in a contemporary style! Try to strategically place a mirror on a wall to open the space. This especially works if it is facing an outdoor area.

Modern Mirror

Make sure your window covers, shutters, or curtains are light, as darker colors just close in the room more. Also, try to not to block off the room with furniture. If you can, put your sofas and chairs on one side, as creating a circle out of them makes a closed space appear smaller.

Modern Living Room


Even modern homes need bits of the homeowner’s character to shine through the space. This is what makes any room or space individual to you. This is can easily be done by hanging your favorite art piece as the focal point in your living room. Perhaps you want to show off your family’s silver, crystal, or china in the kitchen. Maybe a fabulous chandelier is a perfect way to add bits of your character into the dining area. Fun patterned wallpaper on one wall is a great way to add personality to any space.

Contemporary Red Living Room

Whatever it is, showing glimpses of your personality in a space gives it a feeling of warmth. Not to mention, it is evidence that someone actually lives there! You don’t want the room to come across as stuffy or museum-like.

Light and Airy

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating a room is weighing the space down with furniture. Bulky, heavy pieces quickly cramp a room. This is not to say you can’t have several different pieces of furniture in one space.

Contemporary Living Room

It just needs to be the right kind of furniture paired with the right design. Furniture with clean lines, natural light, mirrors, a neutral color scheme, touches of green from plants and flowers will all contribute to a light and airy space.

Mixed Metals

Cool touches of metal will instantly give any room a sleek appearance. From mirrors, to legs of tables and chairs, to light fixtures, there are many ways to incorporate silver (or gold, or copper!) accents. Again, just be sure not to go overboard with your metals. Keeping it subtle adds sophistication without creating a cheap or cheesy look.

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