While there are obvious benefits of living in modern day homes, they can sometimes get boring. Most houses that are built today – and within the last 10 plus years – are best described as cookie cutters. Rows and rows of houses are placed on streets and subdivisions that all look eerily similar. As of late, homeowners have been striving to break free of the mold by looking for midcentury homes that bring a unique shape and style to those driving by.

Pink House Green Doors

However, we can’t all purchase new homes. Not to mention, there aren’t enough of these homes to go around. So, what’s a person to do when they’re tired of the ordinary and want their house to leave a lasting impression? Change the inside, of course. Whether you can’t find a midcentury home in your area or you’re in no position to move, there are others ways to add contemporary elements to your house.

Modern Living Room

Rather than thinking in terms of the outside, turn to the interior design of your space to give your home a fresh feel. By adding modern elements, you will achieve a visually appealing home that stands out from the norm. Are you unsure of where to begin? Below are easy ways to add modern elements to your home for a contemporary feel.


When decorating in other styles, such as traditional, white walls are a no-go. However, most mid-century homes used white walls so the furniture and décor could take center stage. Plus, modern furniture is usually made of different textures and materials from cookie cutter mass-produced pieces. They’re made to show off, so don’t let loud wall colors take the attention away from these cool furnishings.

Contemporary Living Room

On the Rocks

A bar is essential and will give any space an instantly modern feel. This can be a full bar built into a room or simply a bar cart; it all just depends on your house and how much room you have. However, no matter how big or small, a bar is a perfect way to incorporate the sleek, vintage modern feel you’re after.

Modern Wine Bar

A mid-century bar is not complete without a cocktail shaker and glass canisters filled with quality liquor. For small details, add chic bottle stoppers for wine and champagne. Another good idea is to place the decanters and/or liquor bottles on a serving tray on top of the table or counter. If you have a full bar, just be sure that you have good glasses to serve drinks in. Plastic cups definitely won’t work.

Modern Bar Cart

If you’re using a bar cart, look for one with clean lines that is finished in either gold or silver. Place it in a room where you host guests. Not only is this a functional part of an entertaining space, but it also serves as a focal point of the room or a conversation piece.

Fabulous Furnishing

This is probably the easiest step in creating a contemporary space. The right furniture will add a modern flair to any room, while the wrong furnishings will leave the space feeling less than special. Ditch the mass-produced furniture outlets and look to modern furniture retailers and designers for statement-making sofas, chairs, and kitchen tables.

Contemporary Living Room

In order to create a space that different from the rest, you have to think outside of the box. Look for furniture with clean lines, bold geometric prints, and simplistic design. Those are good starting points. Also, keep in mind that most modern furniture is not bulky; it takes up the least amount of space possible while still offering function and style.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Every well designed home – whether modern or traditional – uses mirrors to the space’s advantage. Mirrors add a light, airy feeling to any room. Plus, they are great tools for small spaces, as they make it feel and look larger.

Contemporary Living Room

People love to emulate the style of the era, because rooms weren’t overwhelmed by tons of furniture and wall art. By adding just a few statement artistic pieces, homeowners can make the most out of the room and designs will come across as tasteful, yet light and airy.

Contemporary Living Room Mirror

So, when it comes to modern interior design, look for mirrors that have distinctive shapes and styles. This will draw the focal point to the mirror without overpowering the space.

One thing that all modern homes have in common is extraordinary lighting. Obviously, the key behind contemporary design is functionality, but you also want your light source to serve as an artistic piece. Don’t look for matching lamp sets, and don’t cover your lamps with shades. This was an era where artistic style reigned supreme.

Contemporary Living Room Mirror